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SPA & Talasso


SPA-  It is possibility to have a rest and take care of the own life…
Pleasant aroma, blinking of candles in twilight, quiet modulations of mysterious recreative music . All is magic world SPA.
Hotels of Antalia offer various complex procedures of anti-aging: programs for losing weight, antistress, rehabilitation, cosmetic treatment, postnatal restoration, rheumatism treatment.
All procedures pass under control of specialized doctors and experts in the field of talasso  and hydrotherapies.

Come to Antalya, here you will surrounded with care and attention!



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Adress : Çağlayan Mah. 2005 Sokak No: 16 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA - TÜRKİYE)

Telefon : +90 242 324 66 24
Fax        : +90 242 324 03 15

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